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University football concessions- fundraiser

In 2001, Housing Sewanee began managing the University football concessions. This five-game project has consistently added $5000- $8000 to our annual budget and is an integral part of our fund-raising efforts. Dedicated volunteers have made this possible over the seventeen year operation. Townsperson Ann Aiken has served as our concessions manager for the past five years and without her support, this would not happen. Vols cook hotdogs, wait on customers, buy inventory, and clean the building.

The University Athletic Department assists us in maintaining the building which includes a commercial ice machine and beautiful purple awning.

See "Volunteer" page for signing up to help.

incomplete list, 2001 student volunteers, l. to r. Stephanie Vlahokas, Rocky Calandruccio, Megan Hintz, Mary Stuart Hall.

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