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HSI Home Owner Application

Housing Sewanee, Inc.


Housing Sewanee, Inc. (HSI) is a non- profit organization financed through private
donations, grants and fundraising activities. We provide affordable housing for
individuals and families in the greater Sewanee area. Volunteer labor does the majority of
the work to construct housing. Clients are selected who could not otherwise afford a
home under an interest free lease-purchase agreement or mortgage.


How Housing Sewanee Works:


1.  Applications are acquired at the CAC office or by requesting one in writing from:
P.O. Box 3152
Sewanee, TN 37375


2.  Fill out an application. If you need assistance please email


3.Applications are accepted.

4.   A client is selected based on the application, displayed needs, and the proven ability
to meet home ownership costs and an inability to obtain a conventional lender loan.

5.  Upon completion of the house, the individual/family assumes responsibility for
interest free mortgage payments or lease-purchase payments.


6.  If payments for taxes and insurance are not included in the mortgage, the
homeowner assumes all responsibility for taxes and insurance related to the


7.  The homeowner assumes all responsibility for utilities, maintenance and other


New Homeowners Will Be Selected Based on the Following:


1.  Need for adequate housing
2.  Financial need.
3.  Ability to make monthly payments
4.  Family and job stability
5.  Character references related to care of property, responsibility, dependability and
ability to work with others
6.  Willingness to participate in the HSI program and to agree to the following:


a)If accepted as the recipient of an HSI house, I will meet with the HSI Support
Committee, at times mutually agreed on, to discuss financial and communal

obligations associated with owning a home. I will meet any requirements
specified by the Support Committee.
b)  If I am unable or unwilling to meet the requirements or my financial
circumstances change, then HSI reserves the right to reject the applicant for home
ownership at any time before closing.
c)  If selected as a future HSI home owner you will be required to work, as an unpaid
volunteer, for an average of 4 hours per week totaling at least 200 hours over
three years. This commitment can be fulfilled either by hard skills (construction,
cleaning, clearing land, etc.) or soft skills (working on the HSI website, helping to
organize meetings, assisting with fund raisers, etc.) The time worked using hard
skills may be on your future home or on another.


7.Successful completion of a drug test and a background check

Housing Sewanee, INC.
Application for Home Ownership






Phone Numbers: Do you own a cell phone?

Do you use email?

Do you text?

Please list your phone numbers and email address:


Date of Birth:

Marital Status:

List all people currently living with you, related and unrelated. List their ages
and their relationship to you:


Do you currently have health insurance?


Status of Your Health:


Have you ever failed a drug test? Have you undergone drug rehabilitation
treatment? If yes please provide details.


Do you currently have a chronic health condition that might prevent you from
climbing stairs or caring for a home? Examples include debilitating heart
conditions, advanced diabetes, advanced lung disease, mental health issues,
crippling orthopedic issues.


If yes please provide details.


Status of Dependents’ Health:




Do you currently own or rent your residence?

How long have you lived at your current address?


Do you have animals?

If yes list what types and how many.


Please provide the name, address and phone number of your current landlord.
If you have lived there less than 24 months also provide your previous
landlord’s name, address and phone number.

Do you own land?

If yes what is the address of the land?



Yearly income level must be between $20,000 and $35,000, depending
upon family size and individual circumstances.

Please list the following:


Social Security:

Survivor’s Benefits


VA Benefits:


Interest and Dividends:

Real Estate Income:

Other Retirement Monetary Benefits:

Unemployment Benefits:

Income From Family Assets:

Military Pay:

Alimony and Child Support:

Welfare Assistance:

Payment Received for Care of Foster Children:

Food Stamps:

School Lunch Program:

Women, Infants and Children Program: (WIC)

Other Sources of Income, including incomes of spouse or other family




Residence Insurance:




Natural Gas/Propane:


Cable/Satellite TV:


Car/Truck /Other Vehicle Payment

Car/Truck/Other Vehicle Insurance:

Car/Truck/Other Vehicle Maintenance:

Gas for Car/Truck/Other Vehicle


Medical/Dental Bills:

Prescriptions/Medicine Cost:

Child Care/Education:

Credit Card Bills and copies of last statement(s):

Loan Repayments and copies of last statement(s):

Alimony payments:

Child Support payments:

Other Expenses:


Are you presently in bankruptcy?

Have you previously filed for bankruptcy. (If yes provide a detailed explanation.)



Present Employer:

List all Employers (along with addresses and phone numbers) you have
worked for during the last 5 years. List the names of your supervisors



List assets that you own such as a car, savings account, home, etc.



List 3 references who can attest to your character . Include addresses and
phone numbers of the references.






Please tell us your story. Include why you need affordable housing and
why you feel that you qualify for an HSI house.

HSI Sweat Equity Requirement 


1. Each HSI client must agree to provide a minimum of 300 hours of sweat equity during the  construction of his/her home. This requirement may be satisfied by assisting with construction, general  cleanup or by other means approved by the board member assigned to monitor such work. 


2. During construction the board may determine that the client needs to attend sessions designed  to assist with understanding the responsibilities involved with being a homeowner and in being an active  participant in a neighborhood. In the event such sessions are required the hours spent will help satisfy the  requirement. 


3. A member of the HSI board will be assigned to work closely with each client to ensure that the  minimum hourly requirement is met. In the event that a client becomes delinquent in providing the  required sweat hours one warning will be given. In the event that a client becomes delinquent a second  time the client will risk losing the privilege of owning a Housing Sewanee Home.

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