At Housing Sewanee Inc. we are a group of dedicated volunteers who work with community partners to build homes together. Partners help build their homes, creating sweat equity. HSI raises funds for building materials which helps with the building process. Join us with your gifts of talent and financial resources.  


Housing Sewanee Inc. 


About Us

Housing Sewanee, Inc. was founded in 1993 and modeled after Habitat for Humanity shortly after the visit of its inspirational founder, Millard Fuller. Since then, the organization has built 17 houses, working with families, providing no-interest loans and financial counseling, and marshaling volunteers who gladly and energetically help with the construction of fine, quality homes. Currently, HSI is building an energy efficient home on Sherwood Road in a new development called Sherwood Springs. 

The Sherwood Springs project provides an opportunity to think with families not only about the cost of building a house, but also the cost of operating a house. As much as possible, the development will have shared infrastructure and will feature advanced HVAC, superb insulation, and energy efficient design. The first home is under construction now and is scheduled to be complete in 2018. It will be a demonstration home that employs several energy saving techniques. 

To learn more about Housing Sewanee Inc. we invite you to read our recently published Newsletter.

PO Box 3152

Sewanee, TN  37375

Email: housingsewaneeinc@gmail.com




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